Os 5 Blackberry 9650 Manual

Os 5 blackberry 9650 manual

Os 5 blackberry 9650 manual

BlackBerry Bold The Bold is almost identical to its predecessors, the only noticeable change in the design is the addition of the optical trackpad. This model is a little heavier and bulkier than the , but it still has steps to be manageable in a pocket or handbag.

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The screen of the Bold will surprise you. Blackberry did a great job in the display department of the end. The screen is sharp and bright 2.

Os 5 blackberry 9650 manual

Like all BlackBerry, the display can be configured to suit the ambient light each time or location. The classic blackberry trackpad introduced years firstime, it is necessary and functional.

Os 5 blackberry 9650 manual

The learning curve is very smooth and soon enjoy an intuitive interface and accurate adaptation. Certainly, for some, is an impossible fit the trackpad, but the taste … colors.

Os 5 blackberry 9650 manual

Only a matter of getting used to enjoy this great smartphone. Unfortunately, the characteristics of bold design worse than other programs such as the Blackberry Torch and Curve, but remains faithful mantiendo the design of the old RIM.

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We have a USB port to connect to your computer and can manage multimedia content. It has BlackBerry OS 5.

RIM BlackBerry Bold 9650 Review

Feel free to download the instruction manual. BlackBerry Bold manual Smartphones. Related Download.

Os 5 blackberry 9650 manual

BlackBerry manual and BlackBerry Bold manual. BlackBerry instruction manual.

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