Jvc Ex A15 Manual Transfer

Jvc ex a15 manual transfer

The latest JVC Micro provides the user with a lot of opportunities. In the presence of an analog line output, two optical outputs and system management connector. Receiver RX-EXA15 has audio in the form of a mini-jack on the front panel, two standard linear and two optical inputs on the rear panel.

Offers access to a recorder, and a subwoofer, as well as a port for iPods. Power digital amplifiers different: Bass 2 x 40 watts, and high-frequency - 2 x 30 watts.

Jvc ex a15 manual transfer

This is just because the bands are not divided in the speakers, as usual, and in the receiver. We should also mention some of the design features of the system.

At the player has a USB input for playback of compressed files. CD-loader mechanism and run very quietly.

Each electronic unit solid aluminum front panel, chassis with three legs and vibration isolation base of MDF. Solid looks and acoustics.

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Housing, diffuser midbass and even dome tweeters speakers are made of natural wood veneer. And it is not for the sake of beauty, about the benefits of Wood Cone we have repeatedly told. System EX-A15 is not able to develop the dynamics of the concert, but also low-power, it can not be called.

Jvc ex a15 manual transfer

Of course, limited to the lowest register. But even in mild deficiency baseman musical picture does not seem flawed, because the overall tonal balance is maintained perfectly. You hear a lot of details, believable transferred and middle register, and high, and that is especially worth emphasizing the area between them.

JVC KD-R980BTS Display and Controls Demo - Crutchfield Video

It seems matching squeaky midbass here at all close to the ideal. Nor is there the slightest deterioration of intelligibility.

Uppercase transferred air, saturated with the finest details. Clarity is awesome.

Jvc ex a15 manual transfer

She achieved exceptional harmonic resolution and spatial intelligibility. Stereo image is clean, the localization is great, every sound is material.

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Only slightly spoiled by separation at the edges of the stereo remote plans approached, the scene has an arcuate shape , but still listening to music are only the most pleasant experience.

The receiver has an interesting feature - digital processing of K2.

Jvc ex a15 manual transfer

Switch to Mode 1 microdynamics improves resolution, making the scene more deep and airy. Mode 2 is more suitable for rock and electronic music.

The sound becomes more prominent on the bass, but is mitigated by HF. Most neutral reproduction ensures mode with disabled K2. When playing compressed files with USB difference between the modes becomes even more pronounced, but the important thing is that the tracks in mp3 and WMA and reproduce themselves much closer to the original than on other systems.

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