Gporter Gp 102 Manual Lawn

Gporter gp 102 manual lawn

#RCSpeedChallenge: Der GPS Logger: Canmore PG-102+ G-Porter

Herunterladen Teilen Diese Seite drucken. Vorschau anzeigen Vorschau ausblenden. Operating instructions.

Renkforce GPS G-Porter GP-102 Bedienungsanleitung Seite 3

This product is designed for use as a GPS positioning and navigation device. It also features a.

Gporter gp 102 manual lawn

The device comes with software for reading and analysing measurement data and planning. The product has an IPX6 protection rating and is therefore protected. Using the.

John Deere 100 series 102, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155C, 190C Lawn Tractor Manual

In addition,. Read the. Make this product available to third parties. This product complies with statutory national and European regulations.

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All company and. All rights reserved. Download the latest operating instructions at www. Follow the instructions on the website.


The symbol with the lightning in the triangle indicates that there is a risk to your. This symbol is used to highlight important information in these operating instructions. Always read this information carefully.

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This symbol indicates special information and advice on how to use the product. Read the operating instructions and safety information carefully. If you do.


Keep it out of the reach of children and pets. Safe operation can no longer be guaranteed if the product:. Jolts, impacts or a fall even from a low height.

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Damaging the casing of the. Unlike conventional batteries.

John Deere 100 series 102, 115, 125, 135, 145, 155C, 190C Lawn Tractor Manual

Do not throw the. This may cause a fire or explosion! You do not need to discharge the rechargeable battery before recharging. The rechargeable battery should be charged for approximately two hours before first.

Gporter gp 102 manual lawn

The USB port is located on the left-. Press any button to turn the backlight back on.

Gporter gp 102 manual lawn

The time will be displayed briefly before the device turns off. To remove stubborn dirt, use a cloth moistened. Wenn Sie mehr Information brauchen oder stimmen damit nicht zu, richten Sie sich bitte an der Cookie-Richtlinie. Andernweise stimmen Sie mit der Cokie-Policy zu.

Gporter gp 102 manual lawn