Teeline Shorthand Made Simple Pdf Editor

Teeline shorthand made simple pdf editor

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Would it be worth including a sample of Teeline writing? For example, the Lord's Prayer as seen in the shorthand entry?

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When I'm a bit better on Teeline, I could scan it in and upload it. This file is a full set of course materials for teaching Teeline which is marked as originally created by the Franklin W.

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Olin College of Engineering. Is there a page reference?

Teeline shorthand made simple pdf editor

Since there are no takers, I will remove the statement about the words per minute. The table is definitely a very valuable part of the article- but its content is very unclearly expressed.

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It doesn't need a rewrite from scratch, but every word of it needs a going-over. A regularization of use of capitals would be a good first step, but would run up against confused writing-- some parts are just baffling. For example, "I singular " is a puzzler.

Teeline shorthand made simple pdf editor

Is this simply poor wording for, say: "I the pronoun "? For "J", we see that the meaning is "None", and "Can be given a meaning". It took me much head scratching to guess that this means that there is no standardized meaning for the letter and, so, it is available for the user's customization -- but I might be misunderstanding it-- maybe "J" means the word "none", or the meaning none.

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I'm actually quite interested in Teeline now. And my professional work in linguistics has made me familiar with the always troublesome problem of having a notation for, say, disambiguating the letter "I" from the pronoun "I", the uppercase form "I" from its corresponding lowercase form "i" So I might have a hack at spiffing up the table.

Teeline shorthand made simple pdf editor

I'll try to find an online reference to doublecheck all my changes against or: limit my changes to what I can doublecheck online, at the moment.

I've already got them chasing some books on a system called " Personal Shorthand ", so, yeah, they love me! Burke talk , 17 November UTC.

Teeline shorthand made simple pdf editor

This article is a bit unclear for readers that are not already familiar with the topic and uses some terminology without explaining what it means. In the final section it talks about 'teeline theory' and 'outlines' but these are not explained either.

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Finally, it is not clear whether each letter is written separately or somehow joined together to form a cursive script. This should be clarified by someone with knowledge of the subject.

Teeline shorthand made simple pdf editor

Ashmoo talk , 12 July UTC. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This user is interested in Teeline shorthand. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit New section View history.

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