Lm386 Audio Amplifier Circuit Pdf Creator

Lm386 audio amplifier circuit pdf creator

The LM is a low power audio frequency amplifier which is very commonly used in small audio amplifiers.

Make a Great Sounding LM386 Audio Amplifier with Bass Boost

The IC consumes very less power and hence can be operated using a 9V battery easily. It can easily drive an 8-ohm speaker with a variable gain of 20 to Volume control and gain control is also possible in this.

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So, if you are looking for an audio amplifier IC which can be powered using a battery for a portable application to drive an 8-ohm speaker then this IC might be the right choice for you. For driving heavy speakers you have to use the power amplifier ICs. The LM only requires a couple of capacitors and resistors to start working. The IC is powered using the pin 6 typically 5 or 9V and the ground pin 4 is connected to the ground.

A Minimal LM386 Audio Amplifier

The inverting pin pin 2 is normally grounded and the Non-inverting pin pin 3 is provided with the Audio signal. This audio signal can be from a microphone or even from a 3. The 10k resistor is added in series with the audio signal to act as a volume control.

Lm386 audio amplifier circuit pdf creator

You can ignore this potentiometer if you want to operate in full volume. The pin 1 and pin 8 are used to set the gain of the Amplifier. If there is nothing connected between these pins then the default gain will be 26 dB, but we can connect a 10 uF capacitor across it to get the maximum ain of the IC which is 46dB.

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The pin 7 is used to connect a filtering capacitor 0. The amplified audio signal can be obtained from the pin 5 which is connected to a 8-ohm speaker through a filtering capacitor.

LM386 Audio Amplifier Circuit

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Lm386 audio amplifier circuit pdf creator

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Lm386 audio amplifier circuit pdf creator