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By Robert Jordan. Tor Books Publication date: August ISBN: Buy ePub. Our price:. The Wheel of Time turns, and Robert Jordan gives us the eleventh volume of his extraordinary masterwork of fantasy.

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But his attempt to make a truce with the Seanchan is shadowed by treachery that may cost him everything. Whatever the price, though, he must have that truce.

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And he faces other dangers. There are those among the Forsaken who will go to any length to see him dead--and the Black Ajah is at his side Unbeknownst to Rand, Perrin has made his own truce with the Seanchan.

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It is a deal made with the Dark One, in his eyes, but he will do whatever is needed to rescue his wife, Faile, and destroy the Shaido who captured her. Among the Shaido, Faile works to free herself while hiding a secret that might give her her freedom or cause her destruction.

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And at a town called Malden, the Two Rivers longbow will be matched against Shaido spears. Fleeing Ebou Dar through Seanchan-controlled Altara with the kidnapped Daughter of the Nine Moons, Mat attempts to court the woman to whom he is half-married, knowing that she will complete that ceremony eventually.

But Tuon coolly leads him on a merry chase as he learns that even a gift can have deep significance among the Seanchan Blood and what he thinks he knows of women is not enough to save him.

For reasons of her own, which she will not reveal until a time of her choosing, she has pledged not to escape, but Mat still sweats whenever there are Seanchan soldiers near.

Then he learns that Tuon herself is in deadly danger from those very soldiers. To get her to safety, he must do what he hates worse than work In Caemlyn, Elayne fights to gain the Lion Throne while trying to avert what seems a certain civil war should she win the crown In the White Tower, Egwene struggles to undermine the sisters loyal to Elaida from within The winds of time have become a storm, and things that everyone believes are fixed in place forever are changing before their eyes.

Even the White Tower itself is no longer a place of safety.

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Reviews 0 Specifications Please sign in to review this product. Knife of Dreams ePub can be read on any device that can open ePub files. Copy From Text:. Other books by Robert Jordan.

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Robert Jordan. Conan The Magnificent.

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The Conan Chronicles. Conan The Unconquered. Distinctions: Prologue to Towers of Midnight. The Eye of the World.