Mylanta Plus Bula Pdf Writer

Mylanta plus bula pdf writer

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Sign In Home. Mylanta dose Does anyone know how much Mylanta can be given to a It is supreme tasting fast acting regular strength?

Mylanta plus bula pdf writer

It has mg of calcium carbonate and mg of magnesium hydroxide in each 5 ml dose if that helps. Thanks in advance. He is on Mylanta Supreme, cherry flavor.

Mylanta plus bula pdf writer

I usually try 1 ml first and see if that helps. If not I give him more. He is 9 weeks, Hope this helps.

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My child is 7 weeks. We find the effect of Mylanta is very short lived though. Our GI also advised us to use this amount regardless of our child's weight.

Mylanta plus bula pdf writer

We find it works for only about an hour. Our doctor just told us to try Mylicon drops to get us through a rough patch, which of course did nothing for him. He didn't say anything about using an antacid. He finally bumped up his Zantac dose to a level that seems to be working now thankfully.

Mylanta plus bula pdf writer

My son is just under 17 lbs. It kind of bothers me though because the recommended dose is mg.

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Anyway, thanks for all the responses!! Rachel, KCMO. Check with your doctor first!

Mylanta plus bula pdf writer

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