Indesign Cs6 Interactive Pdf Video Playback

Indesign cs6 interactive pdf video playback

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Add movies and sound files to documents

Same instructors. New platform. This movie offers a look at how to place and manage embedded video in interactive documents from InDesign. And the good news is, placing videos into your InDesign documents is no harder than placing a photograph. Plus, you can use the Media panel to control the appearance and playback of your video and preview how it looks.

Adobe InDesign - Interactive PDF - Embedding Video

So let's take a look at the controls inside the Media panel. Here in my InDesign document, I have a page where I'd like to add a video. I have short video of some candy, and I'd like to put it in this frame here, on the table of contents page. To place the video in my layout, I can just choose File, Place, just like you would do to place a text or a picture, or I can use the Media panel.

Indesign cs6 interactive pdf video playback

Down at the bottom of the panel, there's a button I can click to place media, right here at the bottom right. I'll click it, and navigate to a movie in the Exercise Files. Inside the Links folder, we have one called Falling Candy.

I'll click Open to place that, and click on the frame in my layout.

Working with Interactive and Multimedia in Adobe InDesign CS6

Now at the top of the Media panel, I have a preview of the video, and I can play it. I can see that it's just over 16 seconds long. And I can drag the controller to jump to a different spot. But note that sometimes this controller seems to have a mind of its own, and you might not be able to stick it at the exact spot where you want it.

That time it did, and then you see it jumps to a different spot. If that happens, just click the Play button to get it where you want it.

I can mute the sound for videos that include sound.

Adobe InDesign

This particular video does not have sound. And I have options I can set, including one to make the video start playing when the page is viewed. So I'll select Play on Page Load. I'll leave this one off. Also notice, on the page in the layout, the frame containing the video contains a still image from the movie. If I want something else, I can use the Poster settings in the Media panel.

Right now it's set to From Current Frame. If I want a different frame, I can play the video, pause it when I see something I like, and then, click this button on the right-hand side to set that as the Poster. I can choose None to make the video not appear until it starts playing. Or I can have a Standard Poster with a little film icon.

InDesign CS6: Interactive Documents

Or I can choose a separate image file from my computer. The next menu gives me a bunch of options for choosing a Controller. Note that these options will only apply to an interactive PDF. But again, for PDF, you'll have these choices. And I'll select Show Controller on Rollover, so the controller becomes visible when I mouse over it and will disappear when I move my cursor away.

Indesign cs6 interactive pdf video playback

The video starts playing, I move my cursor over it, I see the the controller, and I can click to pause it, and then click again to play it.

I'll click to play the preview.

Types of Interactive Elements

You can see the video play, use the controls, and you can see that this controller is different from what I said. But I can still see that the video is working and how it's gonna look. So I'll close this preview, go back to the Media panel, and note a couple other things here. First, you can set Navigation Points in the video that someone can jump right to by clicking a button. You'd start by playing the video and pausing it where you want to create a Navigation Point.

So I'll play it to, say, here, then click the Plus button in the bottom left corner, and give your Navigation Point a name. I'll just call it First Point, and press Return or Enter.

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Then, you need to create a button in your layout, which I'll just do by dragging out a rectangle, and using the Buttons and Forms panel. And this menu will show the list of Navigation Points in this video. And of course, we just have one, the one that we just created.

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But since this video is pretty short, and there's no real need for Navigation Points in it, I'm gonna go ahead and delete the button. So let's take a look at the PDF Options first, by clicking on it. In this dialog box, I can set a Description for use when the video can't be played or for visually impaired users.

The other control here allows me to set the video to play in a Floating Window and control the Size and Position of that window on screen.

Use the Media panel

I can click this button to open the dialog box. And as noted here, the video has to be compliant with Flash Player. Once those videos are placed, you'll have all the same controls that you did as if you were embedding a video in your file.

Indesign cs6 interactive pdf video playback

And the last thing I want to mention is that if you want to crop your videos, you should do it with video editing software. Don't try to crop a video by adjusting the frame on the page here in InDesign, like this.

This kind of cropping is ignored in interactive PDF. The entire video will still be displayed in the output.

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And in fixed layout EPUB and Publish Online, you might see controllers that are distorted or unusable, so definitely crop using software designed to do that. I'm just gonna undo and export to interactive PDF to check out our movie.

Tip of the Week: Including YouTube Videos in Interactive Documents

When I turn to the table of contents page, the video starts playing, I see my controller, I can use it to pause. When I move my cursor away, the control disappears.

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When I mouse back over it, the control comes back. In this movie, we took a look at how to use InDesign's Media panel. If you stick to the recommended formats for video, you'll have full access to the options in the Media panel to control the display of video in your output. Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course.

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Indesign cs6 interactive pdf video playback

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Indesign cs6 interactive pdf video playback

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