Iceland Road Atlas Pdf To Excel

Iceland road atlas pdf to excel

NLSI produce and maintain a range of spatial data.

Iceland road atlas pdf to excel

The Icelandic State is the owner of all copyrights acquired by NLSI and the organization looks after State interests in connection with copyrights and rights of use of all materials it has acquired, processed or published in connection with surveying, maps or images of Iceland. From January 23rd , all data is available for free, but due to copyright laws the Copyright Act no.

This map database has been used in a number of books, websites and map publications during many years.

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Here you can find the IS 50V data which can be viewed, printed out and downloaded. It is very convenient for reports and decorations where you need simple maps. There are also maps that are great for teaching, e. Map services NLSI offers the use of several map services where you can look at the organizations data. In the map services you can zoom in, move maps, mix data together, look for place names, mark your own directions and print your own maps.

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Users need to sign up and approve simple terms. The same applies to the WMS services which are also accessible through here. Map Collection The Map Collection includes proximately maps that can be downloaded in good resolution.

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Aerial photo collection In the aerial photo collection you can find about , photos dating from and they have priceless value regarding research and comparison to more recent data. Currently the photos are being scanned and the results are updated regularly in the aerial photo collection. Survey data.

Iceland road atlas pdf to excel

NLSI have a great collection of survey data which is accessible for everyone. You can also get information about new geoid or convert data between coordinate systems in the Cocodati application.

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Geoportal The Icelandic geoportal is a website where users can look for and read about metadata for spatial information by official organizations. The geoportal is open for official organizations to register their data.

Iceland road atlas pdf to excel

Terms and fees at NLSI. National Land Survey. RSS feed.

Survey data NLSI have a great collection of survey data which is accessible for everyone. Stillholt , Akranes.

Iceland road atlas pdf to excel

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