Golemovo Oko Pdf To Excel

Golemovo oko pdf to excel

Golemovo oko pdf to excel

Now you can upload Excel workbooks from computer to your mobile phone, then open, view and edit Excel workbooks on the phone. By default Excel workbooks will be created and saved as.

Golemovo oko pdf to excel

With Excel files in this format however you may run into compatibility issues when you transfer, share the Excel files with someone who does not have Office or Excel app installed on their computer, smartphone or tablet. Go to download Excel app from Google play store or other Android market on to your phone if not yet. Then run it on your phone and open the Excel spreadsheet which you like to convert.

PDF to Excel Converter in Excel VBA

Touch the Menu icon three vertical lines at the top left corner, you will get its main menu like this on your mobile phone screen. Select Share from Excel main menu, you will open the Excel Share dialogue like below.

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How would you like to share Excel worksheet? You can choose to share Excel spreasheet as link or as attachment.

Golemovo oko pdf to excel

Choose the second option to proceed from above screen, you can then see the Share as attachment screen on your mobile phone. Now we come to the place or step where we have the option to convert Excel to PDF format.

Make sure you are connected to the internet on the phone, then press Allow button, the Excel will convert the Excel from xlsx to PDF file format with all content in the original Excel file retained.

Golemovo oko pdf to excel

The Excel converting process may take a while. After that you will be presented with a list of all compatible apps or tools on your phone that you can send the convert PDF file with, such as email, WhatsApp, WeChat app, Skype, Viber and many others.

Golemovo oko pdf to excel

If you choose an installed chat app on your Android phone, make sure to select yourself as the recipient, so you can receive the attached PDF file in the chat app on your phone.

After that find the chat conversation in the chat app, open and save the PDF file using compatible app on the phone.

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