Ecology Practice Test Ap Bio Pdf

Ecology practice test ap bio pdf

I understand that you are the cream of the crop at Nease, and I am certain you will find this course challenging and fascinating.

AP Biology Ecology Multiple Choice Practice Test

My goal is to prepare you for similar courses in college by giving you access to knowledge and skills as well as the capacity to handle large volumes of material without identifiable psychological damage. All roads lead to the AP test in May, so we will also concentrate on how to take, and do well on, difficult tests.

It is not my intention to overwhelm you with work, but we all know what good intentions are worth. There is no way around the amount of material we must cover, but you will discover great capacity within you and you will be proud and prepared when you are done.

Unit 1: Biochemistry Test

I expect your maturity and honesty as young men and women who want and deserve respect. Probably November. If a student is absent only the day work is due, one day after it is assigned, they should have the work with them to turn in on the day they return.

If the assignment is one that they had several days to do, then that assignment is due on the due date whether they are in school or not; a student needs to have their assignment delivered by another student, their parent, or they can email the assignment to me by the beginning of class on the due date. These guidelines are in place to prevent students from gaining an advantage by getting extra time to do assignments.

NO assignment will be accepted after the beginning of class on the due date. Tests will work as follows: The essay on the in-class test will often be one from a past AP or IB test. You are encouraged to study these essays; looking at old test questions and their answers is a great way to learn material.

There are two sources of these questions; here is how you access them:. There are no re-tests on unit tests.

Quarter-Semester test policy. Metacognition and the Feynman Technique Here is a video of something I firmly believe in because well designed studies have supported its effectiveness. I constantly use it in class. Careful though!!!

You must confront the material, and your textbook is vital. Not only are you learning biology, you are learning how to be an independent learner.

Watch this video from Mr. Anderson, a biology teacher at Bozeman High School. You will be watching several of his videos this year; here he speaks to what we all want to know — Metacognition: how best to know. In a pinch it can also pass for a social life. Course outline: We will cover nearly the entire book, and it is a wonderful, yet formidable one. As thick as it is, it is not at all impossible to know it well enough to conquer these tests; our track record is very good.

New IB Syllabus. New AP Syllabus. Cell Biology A. Cells, Molecules and Enzymes B.

Ecology practice test ap bio pdf

Heredity C. Energetics D. Genetics E. Organisms and populations. Class powerpoint notes and many handouts and other helpful documents are on my website.


I would suggest three slides per page because this gives you room to take notes as well. This will save lots of paper and color ink.

Ecology practice test ap bio pdf

All of you are expected to take the AP test on the second Monday of May. I will explain more about the grading of this exam and how it can impact your grade as we get closer. And animation sites: www.

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When assigned a Bozeman video to watch, link to this site, choose the right category Biology, AP Biology, etc. Here is the link to Study Island; which you can use anytime for review, but we will hit it hard in the last weeks before the AP Test.

I am currently adding these by topic:. Honesty Pledge.

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Command Verbs. Themes 2 Lecture. Basic Chem 2. ImportanceOfCarbon 2. Organic notes new. Here are the syllabus objectives for the biochemistry unit. My Unit 1. Bozeman: Chemical bonds — Ionic vs.

AP Biology Exam Review- Ecology

Cells lecture. Cell Transport Lecture. Cell Division Lecture 2. Here are the syllabus objectives for the cells unit. My Unit 2. Handouts Microscope Lab. Excel Example Problem. Energetics Photosynthesis and Respiration and Enzymes. EnergeticsEnzymes 2Lecture. Respiration 2 lecture.

Ecology practice test ap bio pdf

Photosynthesis 2 lecture. Here are the syllabus objectives for the energetics metabolism unit.


My Unit 3. Optional Khan Academy videos:. Practice Questions: Resp. Photosynthesis Practice Questions. AP Energetics Practice Test. MendellianGen 2. Beyond Mendel 2 lecture Here are the syllabus objectives for the Heredity Genetics unit.

My Unit 4. Heredity AP — IB. Genetics Practic Problems. Molecular Genetics. DNA Str. Protein Synthesis 2 Lecture. Here are the syllabus objectives for the molecular genetics unit. My Unit 5.

AP/IB Biology

Gene Regulation. Powerpoints Genetic Eng 2 lecture. Worksheets Biotech computer work. Evolution 2 Lecture Hum. Chimp chromosome PP1. Evolution math new. Evolution Chi square practice. Here are the syllabus objectives for the evolution unit. My Unit 7. Origin of Life, Prokaryotes, Protists, Fungi.

Ecology practice test ap bio pdf

Origin of Life 2 Lecture. Protists lecture. Fungi lecture. Worksheets Protist Book word. Origins, Prok. Fungi clip on YouTube. HBA biology — Diversity videos. Plant Structure Lecture.