World Press Photo 13 Year Book

World press photo 13 year book

Volcanic debris mixed with ice to form massive lahars volcanically induced mudflows , landslides , and debris flows , which rushed into the river valleys below the mountain, killing nearly 23, people and destroying Armero and 13 other villages.

World press photo 13 year book

Her plight was documented as she descended from calmness into agony. Her courage and dignity touched journalists and relief workers, who put great efforts into comforting her. After 60 hours of struggling, she died, likely as a result of either gangrene or hypothermia. Her death highlighted the failure of officials to respond correctly to the threat of the volcano, contrasted with the efforts of volunteer rescue workers to reach and treat trapped victims, despite inadequate supplies and equipment.

It was later designated the World Press Photo of the Year for On November 13, , the Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted.


At pm of that night, pyroclastic flows exploding from the crater melted the mountain's icecap, forming lahars volcanic mudflows and debris flows which cascaded into river valleys below. One lahar, consisting of three pulses, did most of the damage.

World press photo 13 year book

Loss of life was exacerbated by the authorities' failure to take costly preventive measures in the absence of clear signs of imminent danger. In September , as earthquakes and phreatic eruptions rocked the area around the volcano, officials began planning for evacuation. The death toll was increased by the lack of early warnings, [3] unwise land use, as villages were built in the likely path of lahars, [9] and the lack of preparedness in communities near the volcano.

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When rescue teams tried to help her, they realized that her legs were trapped under her house's roof. For the first few hours after the mudflow hit, she was covered by concrete but got her hand through a crack in the debris.

After a rescuer noticed her hand protruding from a pile of debris, he and others cleared tiles and wood over the course of a day. Once the girl was freed from the waist up, her rescuers attempted to pull her out, but found the task impossible without breaking her legs in the process.

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Each time a person pulled her, the water pooled around her, rising so that it seemed she would drown if they let her go, so rescue workers placed a tire around her body to keep her afloat. At times, she was scared, and prayed or cried. At one point she asked the people to leave her so they could rest.

World press photo 13 year book

Hours later the workers returned with a pump and tried to save her, but her legs were bent under the concrete as if she was kneeling, and it was impossible to free her without severing her legs. Lacking the surgical equipment to save her from the effects of an amputation, the doctors present agreed that it would be more humane to let her die.

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Her brother survived the lahars; her father and aunt died. Her mother expressed her feelings about Omayra's death: "It is horrible, but we have to think about the living I will live for my son, who only lost a finger. Volunteer relief workers said that there was such a lack of resources that supplies as basic as shovels, cutting tools, and stretchers ran out. The rescue process was impeded by large crowds and disorganization. An unnamed police officer said that the government should have depended on human resources to alleviate the problems and that the system of rescue was disorganized.

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Fournier later described the town as "very haunting," with "eerie silence" punctuated by screaming. At the time, there was international awareness of the disaster. The image captured international attention. According to an unnamed BBC reporter, "Many were appalled at witnessing so intimately what transpired to be the last few hours of Omayra's life. I believe the photo helped raise money from around the world in aid and helped highlight the irresponsibility and lack of courage of the country's leaders.

The picture later won the World Press Photo of the Year for The Armero catastrophe came shortly after the M guerrilla group's raid and subsequent Palace of Justice siege on November 6, worsening an already chaotic situation.

World press photo 13 year book

Melting only 10 percent of the ice would produce mudflows with a volume of up to ,, cubic meters 7. Writing the story failed to exorcise her ghost.

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Her face, her words, and her courage, which streamed throughout the world on television and were a heartbreaking image in the largest newspapers and magazines of the United States and Europe, remained a testimony of accusation against those who could have at the very least made the tragedy less serious.

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