Take God At His Word Book

Take god at his word book

By Kevin DeYoung.

Take god at his word book

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Can we trust the Bible completely? Is it sufficient for our complicated lives?

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Can we really know what it teaches? With his characteristic wit and clarity, award-winning author Kevin DeYoung has written an accessible introduction to the Bible that answers important questions raised by Christians and non-Christians. This book will help you understand what the Bible says about itself and the key characteristics that contribute to its lasting significance.

Take god at his word book

For these reasons, I cannot recommend it highly enough. Buy this book by the case and distribute copies to elders, deacons, Sunday school teachers, and anyone in the church who wants to understand a little better what the Bible is.

Bad doctrine springs in part from ignorance. Blessed are those teachers and preachers in the church who, like the author of this book, combat ignorance by getting across mature theology in a lucid style that avoids generating theological indigestion. For that to happen we must learn what the Scriptures are and how heavily we can lean on them.

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May the God of the Word be known and cherished all the more because of this little book. Kevin DeYoung has accomplished his aim of communicating what the Bible says about the Bible. Most of all, he has let the Word speak for itself. Particularly helpful are the chapters on the sufficiency and clarity of Scripture, showing us why the Bible is enough and how its basic teaching can be understood by every reader.

These are two key points.

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If we do not believe the Bible to be enough and that its teaching is clear, then we will be carried here and there by every wind of doctrine. I urge you to buy your own copy and read it.

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There is important teaching here. Kevin DeYoung convincingly teaches that God has adequately spoken to his people. Taking God At His Word is simple. It will help you know what you believe and why.

Taking God at His Word

It clarifies the foundation for all practical ministry. Table of Contents.

Take god at his word book

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Take god at his word book

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