Swear Word Coloring Book Buzzfeed Clean

Swear word coloring book buzzfeed clean

These sample pages are hand-selected by me to give you a good idea of what coloring designs you will find in each one of my adult coloring books that I have available for sale. Check out the Holiday Gift Guide now!

This Cursing Coloring Book Is Fucking Brilliant

Also, be sure to sign up to my email list or my Facebook page to be notified of new releases and new free adult coloring pages. Again, feel free to share these printable coloring pages for adults with your friends, family, or co-workers.

Swear word coloring book buzzfeed clean

Relieve your stress caused by those dipsticks who ruin your daily commute. Your license to chill out! In addition, there is a huge variety of coloring designs to choose from including mix of regular coloring pages and midnight edition coloring pages, where the designs are printed on black backgrounds.

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Swear word coloring book buzzfeed clean

But, when stupid does what stupid does, we can at least color stupid away! The coloring book is specifically designed and created with stress, anxiety, adhd, and depression relief in mind. The following free adult coloring pages are from Greetings! This book is filled with vintage postcard style inspired designs for you to help you relax while you color.

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Includes patterned letters surrounded by cute and adorable animals in various locations. Face it. In fact, some days, weeks, months, and years are tough. If there is only one life to live, you might as well take the hand you are dealt and do something with it. To help you color away your stress, take control of your life, and do a little bit of ass-kicking! Designs include expletives, dinosaurs, and mandalas which are made out of these patterned shapes!

The contradictory nature of these designs, the pretty and the vulgar, will help you relax and cope with any stress that comes your way. These adult coloring pages are perfect for coloring sessions with your friends.

Swear Word Coloring Book for Adults - Adult Coloring World Preview

Sometimes, you need a good time out. Especially, if you are a parent.

Swear word coloring book buzzfeed clean

This swear word coloring page is designed to help you relax and relieve your stress while your kid is turning your night into an absolute nightmare because he or she will not sleep! I know your kid is an angel and the greatest, but even angels can raise havoc! Your coloring session will be even better with a tea, wine, cocktail, or other beverage of your choice!

Here is a free printable coloring page for adults from my motivational best-selling book: Make Life Your Bitch. This inspirational coloring page for adults is designed to help you resolve any stress that you may have with a positive slant.

This coloring page is great for your friends or family who need something to uplift them. Surprise your friends and share… give them a dose of motivation and inspiration!

Several different styles of coloring designs including retro grocery style ads! Below are some free printable coloring pages for adults only. These grown up coloring pages are great for spring and summer time fun! Chill the fuck out and color with Fucksicles!

Strange Paradise is filled with an assortment of adult coloring pages. If you are looking for a variety of different styles and themes, this book is defiantly for you. The free adult coloring page below is an example of what you will find in Strange Paradise.

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You may download and print as many times as you would like. Just keep in mind, I am not responsible when your ink runs out.

Also, I encourage you to download the same adult coloring page multiple times to experiment with several different color schemes, or in case you mess up and would like to start again. Can I give away your adult coloring pages to people that I know? What about strangers? You may give away my adult coloring pages to anyone that you know including your friends, family, and co-workers. And yes, you can give them away to strangers if you like. Just make sure you use your best judgement when passing out a swear word coloring page to a stranger.

I am not responsible if you get a dirty look.

Swear word coloring book buzzfeed clean

You may not receive any compensation for my coloring pages. If you know anyone who is trying to make money off of my pages, please contact me. I saw your adult coloring pages posted on another site for people to download. Are they allowed to do this? This is okay as long as they are not making money off of my adult coloring pages.

Printable Coloring Pages for Adults (with Swear Words!)

All of my coloring pages have either my website address or some sort of identification. You may color my coloring pages however you wish but you are NOT allowed to modify my free printable coloring pages. This includes manipulating the artwork in a software program such as Photoshop or Illustrator, or simply taking something like a sharpie to change the artwork.

Sometimes I will release one, and other times I may release more.

I may also post new coloring pages unexpectedly so defiantly bookmark this page and check back every so often, sign up to my email list to be notified of new swear word coloring pages, or follow me on Facebook. You can also check out my Instagram but I generally just post finished colorings of my work. Not at this time. I am planning on releasing coloring pages in the future that are not swear word related.

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If I do, I may post them on this site or I may create a whole new site to post them. Stay connected with me to keep up to date about this. My printer is out of ink and I cannot afford to purchase anymore.

If I give you my address, could you send me a free coloring page? As much as I would like to help, unfortunately, I will unable to do so. If you are unable to print one of my free adult coloring pages, I suggest you try one of the following:. I get that ink is expensive. But, if you do have some money set aside but not a whole lot, there are other ways to buy ink for cheap.

Most of the generic printing ink out there is not that different than the brand name stuff.

Except for the cost. Try searching online for cheap printer ink. You may also try Amazon, Ebay, etc.

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Just make sure you get the correct ink for the printer model that you have. Also, check out Craigslist. There is a lot of free stuff on that website.

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Sometimes people give away free printing ink or just want to get rid of their older printer that has ink included. If none of the above solutions work out for you, try downloading a coloring app that will allow you to color the page on your computer or a smart device such as your phone or tablet. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me.

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