Scourge The Hedgehog Lockdown Book

Scourge the hedgehog lockdown book

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Sonic Comic Review: Sonic Universe #29-32 Scourge: Lock-Down

The audition comments are now working again. Thanks for your patience guys. Ok, now some Characters have already been casted but for the ones that aren't, are ready for auditions. Auditions Might end sooner than expected if every character is all properly casted before the deadline. You Have to Have a clear microphone quality with no background noises, No bad mic quality 2. You need to show emotions, put yourself into this role and have fun.

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You Have to read the comic book. Have a great vocal range. Mikeandsnoop2 Verti-Cal. Bean the Dynamite In a Flashback. Simian's Grandpa. Mammoth Mogul. ViciousPhantom Predator Hawk. Wolfblade93 Background Thugs.

Sonic Universe 8: Scourge: Lockdown : Scourge: Lockdown

Background Guards Zone Cops. Grand Battle Kukku XV. Personality: A goofy You need to be logged in to audition. If you do not have an account, please click here to register. Line 2: " Responding to Cal in a agreeable tone Oh Yes!

Scourge the hedgehog lockdown book

Line 3: " In a intrigued tone Ooh! The Warden! Personality: Twin 2 He's just as goofy as his brother Al. Voice: A slightly lower pitched Meatwad voice for Cal or something original. Personality: Bean is a rather goofy and eccentric being, prone to mood swings and extreme reactions. He seems to take little seriously and his logic is often dubious, though he's capable of moments of surprising clarity and intelligence.

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He tends to make irreverent, nonsensical or borderline inappropriate comments, often indifferent to any offense he may cause. His moods and reactions are extremely unpredictable; while generally an eager being, he's capable of being friendly and easy-going as easily as he can be indignant and angry. While he may be crazy, he's still potentially dangerous; he also seems to enjoy keeping his origins a mystery. Voice: Anything that's high pitch fun and goofy and enthusiastic.

Sonic Universe 8: Scourge: Lockdown

Audition Lines: Line 1: "Hey! Here's a Bomb For You! Voice: Just pull off any old man voice that's cool and laid back at times, but also wise and aggressive at times. The Great Jungle Is Massive. Personality: Egotistical to a fault, Mogul sees himself as the end all of intelligence and power. While not obsessed with himself, he sees all other entities as lower forms of life, useful only as pawns in his schemes for power.

Mogul also cares nothing for such pawns, and is perfectly willing to kill them to achieve what he wants. Combined with a total lack of care for any of his minions, this makes working for him unappealing, and only his sheer power and the benefits he offers hold the loyalty of those who serve him. He thinks himself infallible, and always refuses to believe that he can be defeated even when the odds are clearly against him. Even when imprisoned, he refuses to admit defeat, and is always ready with a taunt for his enemies.

At the same time, Mogul is courteous and cultured-for a villain, anyway. Mogul's immortality has also given him a great degree of patience.

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Since time is one of the things he always has, he is not prone to brash decisions that could be carefully waited for a more opportune moment, or when things will turn more in his favor.

He is also well known for being overly verbose, which Sonic has commented on many times. Despite his ego, Mogul is shown to on rare occasions be able to have respect for others, such as complimenting Tails when speaking to Amadeus.

Line 3: " Personality: The tactician of the Fearsome Foursome, Predator Hawk is the outspoken "wild card" of the group, being the most unpredictable.

Tropes applicable to both continuities:

He is somewhat cold and arrogant, often keeping his personal opinions separate from his current duties. His only real loyalty is to his long-time comrades, as shown by his depression after Lightning left the group and his fierce determination to retrieve him. He finds that he needs his abilities challenged to have purpose in life and is a great believer in personal strength; he has no respect for those who don't earn their positions through hard work and dedication. Voice: A tough bird like tone to his voice but also sinister and serious, maybe.

Surprise me.

Scourge the hedgehog lockdown book

Line 2: "Challenge Me. Give Me Prey. Come on, if you'd ever played or watched the Sonic Riders games then you should know what kind of voice she's suppose to have. And Whispers Shhhh!

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Break It Up! Personality: The Battle Lord is somewhat regal in his approach and inclined to treat supposed allies with respect. As the head of the "true" rulers of the skies he acts afloat to lesser creatures, and desires to unite all birds under his dominion. However, when things do not go as how Battlekukku wants, he immediately drops his "gentleman" nature and bursts into a volatile rage, even yelling at his own son, Speedy. His own troops are quite aware of his explosive nature when even the slightest thing goes awry, and fear reporting bad news to him on the chance they may receive gruesome punishments that make getting demoted the least of their concerns.

He also has a deep hatred for Tails after the young fox foiled his plans on Cocoa Island and wishes to cast off the Eggman Empire in order to establish the Battle Bird Armada as the dominant force on the planet. Voice: Surprise me. Line 2: " Angry tone I'll clip your wings for this, and that's just to start!

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Scourge the hedgehog lockdown book

Once a project owner flags a project as "Completed", they are welcome to create a new project. The system is built to allow ONE audition per character. This is to avoid having a number of auditions from the same member and making the project owner have to listen to all of them.

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For now, if you or the project owner wishes you to submit another audition, the project owner will need to "Delete" your audition. Clicking it will allow you to Cast, Backup or Pass an audition.

SONIC UNIVERSE Animated Adaptation Act 2 - Scourge: LOCK-DOWN

Casting a character will prevent new auditions from being submitted for that character. If you audition for a project and are cast in a role, you will notified by email.

Scourge the hedgehog lockdown book

All Rights Reserved. Sunday, July, 6 [ pm PST ]. Sonic the Hedgehog. Yes [ Yes means the public is welcome to listen to auditions submitted to this project ]. Description: Hello Everybody!

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