Papel Picado Banners History Book

Papel picado banners history book

Papel Picado is a traditional Mexican craft that features colorful paper sheets with intricate cut-out details.

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It was made by stacking many sheets of paper and using chisels to cut the designs. You can easily make your own Papel Picado by layering sheets of tissue paper and using scissors.

Papel picado banners history book

This is a great free choice activity or a lesson for a sub. Laminate the instructions and place on a table.

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Add a tray of pre-cut tissue papers, a bowl of scissors and allow the children to create a papel picado during free-choice time.

To make multiple panels from one cut, layer sheets of tissue paper together add tape carefully while cutting. For more cultural art lessons to teach your students, click HERE. Would you like a copy of the instructions? Click the red box below, fill out your name and email careful with spelling!

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We are finishing up our Day of the Dead Illustrations this coming week in my 5th grade art class and need a filler for the early finishers. This will be perfect as we are creating a display with the Spanish teacher. She is making an alter and we can now add this artwork too! Teaching art during summer school and this would be a fun quick activity different from painting and drawing.

Mexico's traditional papel picado: Classic art for a Mexican fiesta

Click the red button at the bottom of the post. Having trouble receiving the pdf I am expecting. Then, you are redirected to a thank you page. But the PDF is emailed to you.

Papel picado banners history book

If you have any trouble, just email support deepspacesparkle. Can you please give me a lil help? Your step look so easy but when I try to do it gets hard. Thank you.

How to Make a Papel Picado

Keep trying Maggie! You can do it. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. Email Print. Make sure one side consist only of folds. Fold the long folded sheet in half. Mark a dot in the corner that is made up of folds. This helps the children recognize where not to cut. Just like cutting a snowflake, cut shapes along all four sides avoiding the area with the dot.

To cut a shape from the middle of the rectangle, fold the paper in half again, and cut a shape into the fold. Unfold carefully and tape tissue paper to a long string of yarn. What do you think? Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sheri Lawrence October 1, at am. Jen October 22, at pm. Lisa Villa October 26, at pm. Michelle Benade October 29, at am.

Papel picado banners history book

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Papel picado banners history book

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Papel picado

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Papel Picado Artist

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Papel Picado

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