Lookingglass Theatre Chicago Metamorphoses Book

Lookingglass theatre chicago metamorphoses book

Slavitt translator Lookingglass Theatre , N.

Lookingglass theatre chicago metamorphoses book

Extended — must close January 6th! A magical incarnation of ancient myths made timely again.

Lookingglass theatre chicago metamorphoses book

Review by Clint May. What is this power that can transform bodies into various forms, can turn a couple into a tree or a woman into a river?


They can almost all trace their roots back to the disruptive, transformative powers of love. These stories suffuse our cultural consciousness still, lingering on as allegorical shortcuts to the caprices of the human condition.

This is a remount of their wildly successful production that won Zimmerman the Tony Award for best direction after it moved to Broadway and from there to theaters across the globe. Metamorphoses , like its source, is told in meandering fashion as a series of stories ten total with short interstitials Pandora and her box, Narcissus and the pool filling the gaps. Signature to the show is the dramatic use of water that comprises most of the stage.

Lookingglass theatre chicago metamorphoses book

With only a few planks upon which to walk enclosing all sides, most of the action takes place in that protean pool of symbolism caution: first two rows may get wet; towels are provided.

The source material was rife with follies, mostly mocking the gods while elevating the struggles of man.


Like Ovid, Zimmerman shifts tones rapidly, from tragedy Alcyone and Ceyx to humorous Pomona and Vertumnus to frightening Myrrha and Cinyras , the punishment of Erysichthon. Sometimes the tones shift within the stories themselves in a slightly disconcerting fashion common to myths.

Life is capricious and so too are the myths meant to illustrate it.

Lookingglass theatre chicago metamorphoses book

Of the ten, Alcyone and Ceyx is the most moving, though the innovative dual treatment of Orpheus and Eurydice is beautifully haunting. Michigan map , with performances Wednesdays-Fridays at pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 3pm and pm.

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More information at LookingglassTheatre. Running time: 90 minutes, no intermission.

A guided tour through Lookingglass and the set of Metamorphoses with Ensemble Member Larry DiStasi

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Lookingglass theatre chicago metamorphoses book

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Lookingglass Theatre Company presents.