Dont Push The River Book

Dont push the river book

Dont push the river book

I was inspired to write a poem about rainbows. No book which inspires me to write a poem is a waste of time to read, and Barry managed this twice so far, my second poem coming about page But first, Mrs. Chumley gives instructions on how to play solitaire with a deck of cards.

Dont push the river book

What is curious about this particular way of playing solitaire is that it appeared ten years later in the first edition of Windows operating system and became a very popular past-time for many people, among them my wife, my dad, and my uncle, among others. Page The key innovation of the new game was parking places into which you could free cards that were otherwise blocked from a move. The parking places turned solitaire into a game in which strategy and tactics were added on top of luck.

Dont push the river book

Any time you got stuck you could repeat the game from the beginning and find a path which led to success that you had not tried the previous time. This repeat process later appeared in the movie "Groundhog Day" in which Bill Murray woke up on Groundhog Day over and over again and the same set of events took place except for the things he chose to do.

Live with awareness, not by rules or conditioning or thinking or shoulds or shouldn'ts.

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How difficult it is to see all the rules and conditioning and thinking and shoulds and shouldn'ts which come between I and Thou, and between I and me. Clearly this is not mankind , for all of them vary from place to place, from time to time, from culture to culture, from subculture to subculture.

by Laura Shanley

And when we try to break with this, we are likely to fall into another trap. Reaction to convention is still tied to the convention.

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Going from one opinion to another, I am still opinioned. Opinioned, what a lovely word!

Dont push the river book

It sounds like an exclamation O , followed by the transitive verb pinioned. O Pinion Me Not.

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O pinion me not with politicians O pinion me not with anxious ambitions O pinion me not with opinions Because that's all that we've got. We cannot follow a map in life, because maps are dead objects, not living things.

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The Norwegian Boy Scout Handbook in the section on Map Reading gives the only sane advice to intrepid map-readers, "If the terrain differs from the map, Believe the terrain! Footnote 2. About twelve years later I met John Stevens and told him to sign up for the afternoon session where Eric Marcus would be talking about the new work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

Dont push the river book

He resisted, so I probably told him something like "Sign up! You won't regret it" which advice was similar to that he gave his mother. He went and helped create the first neuro-linguistics book, Frogs into Princes.