Difference Between Twilight Book And Movie Breaking Dawn 2016

Difference between twilight book and movie breaking dawn 2016

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The following are noted differences between the original Breaking Dawn novel and the movie. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Warning - this page contains numerous spoilers about both the novel and the film.

Read on at your own risk! Categories :. Cancel Save. Jacob receives the wedding invitation at the end of Eclipse. The first scene involves Bella conspicuously driving through Forks in her "before" car, i. Bella reminisces her education by Carlisle in history of vampires and mentioned immortal children and the death of Sasha , the adopted mother and creator of Tanya , Kate , and Irina. The word "immortal children" only appears on a computer screen when Edward is researching vampire-human hybrids.

There is no mention of Sasha. Edward first tells Bella about his rebellious stage as a vampire and nomadic years in Twilight.

Edward tells Bella about this the night before their wedding day. Bella has a nightmare about the Volturi coming to kill her and the immortal child behind her and her human family and friends lying dead on a pile.

Bella has a nightmare about the Volturi , Edward stained with blood and her human family and friends lying dead on a pile. Irina does not attend Bella and Edward 's wedding.

Difference between twilight book and movie breaking dawn 2016

Irina does attend their wedding, but leaves quickly after seeing Seth at the place. Eleazar and Carmen are the first to greet Bella.

Difference between twilight book and movie breaking dawn 2016

In Rio de Janeiro , Edward and Bella travel directly to the easternmost part of the city to a dock so they can catch a motorboat for the journey to Isle Esme. There is no street party or dance scene.

Twilight - book to movie differences

As the international airport is directly north of the city, it's plausible they headed for the docks beside Sugarloaf mountain in southeastern Rio. Brady Fuller and Collin Littlesea are first introduced in Eclipse. Brady and Collin are first introduced in Breaking Dawn - Part 1. When Bella discovers she is pregnant, it had been seventeen days since the wedding.

Difference between twilight book and movie breaking dawn 2016

When Bella discovers she is pregnant, it had been fourteen days since the wedding. Jacob breaks Paul's nose after he patronized him, ate his chips, took over his couch, and controlled his TV. Paul has imprinted on Jacob's sister, Rachel. Jacob meets the rest of the pack in the middle of the forest after he learns of Bella's pregnancy.

Difference between twilight book and movie breaking dawn 2016

Leah joins Jacob and Seth 's pack the day after their separation from Sam , and informs them about what she knows after their departure.

Leah joins them minutes after Seth and tells Jacob what Sam plans to do now that they had lost three members of the pack and the Cullens are aware of their plans.

Breaking Dawn - part 2 book to movie differences

Jacob and Seth communicate telepathically in wolf form after Seth leaves Sam's pack. Leah also communicates using wolf telepathy when she joins their pack. Jacob and Seth speak in human form. Leah also communications verbally when she joins them in human form.

Difference between twilight book and movie breaking dawn 2016

Jacob, Seth and Leah's aid with the Cullens is much more described. They patrol the perimeters, and evaluate hunting opportunities with the Cullens. Esme offers them clothes and food. Jacob and Leah also have several conversational moments while patrolling the areas. Their alliance with the Cullens is less described.

They are seen patrolling the areas, keeping a look out for Sam's pack and Jacob helps the Cullens escape by distracting four of the wolves. Jacob and Leah only have one conversational moment together.


Jacob tells Rosalie blonde jokes to antagonize her. She continuously replies that she'd already heard of them, until he makes the last one.

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Jacob throws a metal bowl of food at the back of Rosalie's head, thus making Rosalie angry because she got food in her hair. After viewing Edward and Bella being happy about the baby, Jacob borrows Edward's car and tries to find his object of imprinting. Leah yells at Bella for hurting Jacob while he is gone.

Rather than leaving to find an imprint, he is interrupted by Carlisle to hold a discussion their plan to sneak past the wolves. Leah's scolding of Bella was either nonexistent or not in Jacob's presence again.

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Jacob sees Edward's shift of hatred to love for the baby the moment he hears her thoughts and feels betrayed and angrily storms out of the house. Jacob sees Edward's shift of hatred to love for the baby, and feels betrayed, but is asked by Carlisle to talk to him.

It is right after Bella reveals her name decisions when she drops her cup of blood and goes into labor. Bella tells Edward and the others about her choices of names for the baby the moment he hears the baby's thoughts. Alice is not present.

Difference between twilight book and movie breaking dawn 2016

It's Rosalie who comments on Renesmee 's name being unique and fitting. In the movie it is Edward who makes the comment.

Things in Twilight You Only Notice As An Adult

Carlisle and Jacob share a discussion about his tribe's chromosomes having 24 pairs while vampires have 25, and then jump to conclusion that hybrids have 24 too. Jacob describes his imprinting as feeling everything in his life—his love for Bella , his family, and the loyalty to his pack —sever away, and then bound by millions of steel cables to the center of the universe— Renesmee.

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In the movie, he experiences his imprinting through a rush of images of Renesmee's grown-up appearance and himself as a wolf. A fight erupts in the Cullen house backyard after Renesmee was born, until Jacob emerges to tell the wolves that he has imprinted on her.

In the book, Jacob goes to talk to Sam alone in order to declare his imprinting on Renesmee. Upon learning this Sam realizes that there is no other option but to return to a state of truce, and as a result there is no confrontation at the the Cullens ' home.

Jacob then phases to intervene, Edward tells everyone about the imprinting after reading Jacob's thoughts.

Book vs. movie

Once Sam hears this, the fight stops. The pack retreat with the treaty back in effect. Edward explains to the rest of the Cullens that this is "the most absolute of all the pack's laws" and that it means the hostility is over.

Bella describes the transformation process as painful flames that spreads throughout her whole body and burns her for a couple of days while her transformation goes on. When it nears its completion, the flames begin to reduce, but at the same time, her heart beats faster, more violently to fight against the venom that is killing it.

Eventually, it beats as strongly and painfully as a helicopter's propeller and thuds one last time before it stops. In the movie, her transformation begins with her experiencing the painful process, but otherwise it is seen going smoothly and painlessly.

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Her body heals itself, and then her memories of the past flash in front of her as every drop of her blood converts. When the final drop turns white, her transformation is complete. The Volturi make a post-credits appearance. They read a message from Carlisle about Bella's transformation to a vampire. Aro tells Marcus and Caius that the quarrels with the Cullens are not over as they have something he wants presumably Alice.