Busted Air Hostess Audio Book

Busted air hostess audio book

Kennedy Airport on Wednesday. Authorities say Reynolds aroused suspicion on Friday when Transportation Security Administration officials asked her to step aside at a random checkpoint at LAX.

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The pretty flight attendant arrived at an LAX checkpoint in Terminal 4 wearing jeans, Gucci heels, and a winning smile. Affixed to her black suit jacket was her JetBlue crew member badge, identifying her as a flight attendant. It's unknown if she was on duty at the time.

Normally Reynolds breezed through airport checkpoints easily. But on Friday, it was her bad luck to be chosen for a random security screening. TSA officials say she became nervous, glancing around quickly before pulling out her cell phone and making a call, according to the NY Post.

She was still talking on her cell phone in a foreign language as a TSA official escorted her to a secondary screening area to search her.

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Upon arriving at the secondary screening area, Reynolds quickly dropped her bag, kicked off her heels and bolted from the area. Reynolds, who was a runner-up in Miss Jamaica World , is charged with cocaine possession with intent to distribute.

She is being held without bond. It's common knowledge that one of the perks of being a flight attendant is earning tens of thousands of dollars by ferrying cocaine through customs in their carry-on luggage.

Reynolds' drug bust may force the TSA to change its policy of not searching the bags of flight crews at all airport checkpoints. That would not be a perk at all, Perks aren't illegal!

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That would be a greedy , stupid person willing to jeopardize their freedom ,and livelihood for material possessions.

But I'm still weak as hell that she kicked off those shoes and bounced! How did she even get on another plane after that? Did she go clock into her regular shift after that? I'm confused. Oh, well.

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She had to know she would get caught at some point. Why am I picturing this woman sprinting through Hartsfield-Jackson, hurtling over checkpoints and slipping and sliding on the epoxy floors. I swear, you get less time for molesting a 5 year old than you do for drug trafficking.

Plus she's a flight attendant, so they're going to throw the book at her just to discourage others.

Busted air hostess audio book

Not worth it. Gang members could hold a gun to my mama's head, and I'd just plan her funeral. Folks get too greedy If she had made some extra coins and got out after the first few times, she'd have been fine. But I guess she wanted some more Gucci shoes, so she kept going.

How did she think she was going to get away? They knew who she was like what exactly was she going to do? Come to work the next day like nothing happened? Wait is that why them bishes be so Damn perky all the time on delta? Lost all my bags once and this white chick entire conversation she was so perky and smiling and it made me go from upset to pissed off.

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I read her down for smiling while I'm frustrated trying to figure out where bags were, why wasn't transfered to my connecting flight and she couldn't figure out anything helpful but she was still smiling and wide eyed I figured she was just trying to freak me out now I think she must've snorted some of her stash in her carry-on. You forgot the part where she is a real life former track star.

Maybe I missed that in write up I'm surprised there aren't more stories like this. I flew for Delta a couple years ago, we used to take a bus straight to the gate, right from the flight line. Never dealt with security unless we weren't in uniform. I was hoping she wasn't Black???


Funny story. The fact she was able to escape.

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Woulda been funnier if she was Kenyan??????????? Prisons are filled with women like her. Unless they offer to relocate her, she'll shut up and do her time.

Or give up another flight attendant for a reduced sentence. But those above her, she'll stay mum.

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Them Fed cases ain't no joke. Who she working for El Chapo? She is originally from Jamaica.

Busted air hostess audio book

And that's what she shoulda did. Went IN in uniform. Changed in the bathroom. Boarded her flight and lived to smuggle another day. I'm guessing not every airport screens them like they do us There are numerous women doing Fed time for drug cases.

They don't give them a break at all. Many times they will lock the women up especially when they don't snitch. Why would a sister put herself out there like this? Only white girl flight attendants get away with drug trafficking.

I know how it goes, in that life, seen it all. And I bet that 5.

Busted air hostess audio book

They were going to fugg all day and snort all night. You're right they do always want the bigger fish, but they ain't throwing none back to be empty handed. Definitely dumb and not worth it. Gucci heels or no. Airport security is like supposed to be akin to bank security or FBI "G" classified security, yet you attempt to poke the bear anyway?

Unrelated by related: When I worked Retail, the "Assets Protection" team let it be known to me on the sly, that they watch the employees more than the customers. And rightly so, as many a shenanigan performed by employees ensued.

Busted air hostess audio book

Gucci heels? Someone def got cocky. I was a flight attendant and they cant afford gucci.

Busted air hostess audio book

I'm not! Like that commercial OJ did running thru the airport in the 70s before he before he became a killa???? Just what attractive polished employed uniformed stylish black folks need the white man to have an excuse to hate on and humiliate professional and upstanding black people. I can get deep into this But I wont, lol Lol I usually go in jogging pants and shirt but I get special treatment because I'm a federali lol.

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I'm embarrassed to say, yes, I am surprised. I fly about twice a month between NY and Ohio. Even though I have Pre-Check, my bag still goes through screening. It never occurred to me that flight crews' bags didn't also have to be screened. It's a wonder we aren't all dead. I worked in Loss Prevention and they had us go through Micro Expression training that they use when interrogating individuals.

Somebody dropped a dime on her.

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I am convinced that one of them other TSA workers that saw her styling and profiling Uhn, uhn Bish!! Why she run?

Busted - Air Hostess

Why she didn't have a "special" bag to carry it in?. A real one would have known how to work that out..

Busted air hostess audio book

She's safer in jail. Someone will kill her for losing their dope and snitching. Cause you know she's about to sing like Fantasia. Well ain't that something- NeverSurprised is Surprised. You gonna have to change your handle now!! Well you know what they say Yes, it looks like I will now be forced to change my screen name.