Black Book Of Outsourcing Survey 2011 Calendar

Black book of outsourcing survey 2011 calendar

The Black Book of Outsourcing is a research and consulting company with deep knowledge in outsourced services and technology.

Black book of outsourcing survey 2011 calendar

We take a systematic approach to business initiating every process with an objective analysis of your current capabilities. Black Book is the premier provider of competitive intelligence, market research, and strategic consulting services to Fortune companies worldwide.

We gather unbiased, accurate and timely competitive services information, client experience measurements and user opinions. We deliver powerful market information, insightful analysis and targeted recommendations to Fortune firms to harness the power of global business development.

Black book of outsourcing survey 2011 calendar

Our earned reputation for extreme accuracy and enthusiastic customer service keep our clients requesting our services year after year. A team of dedicated and experienced professionals leads The Black Book of Outsourcing.

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Through our various transitions, the management team has remained essentially the same. Additions to our leadership team have come as new divisions developed and new areas of research grew.

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Each leader is dedicated to the original vision of providing our clients with accurate information and the highest level of service available in the industry. Skip to content About Us.

Black book of outsourcing survey 2011 calendar

Since , Black Book has been recognized as a Top 25 international market research niche firm, specializing in the outsourcing services and technology business services sectors. Trusted by Businesses Worldwide.

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