And Then It Happened Book Series Review

And then it happened book series review

What Happened and What's Going On

In , Stephen R. An epic denouement thirty-six years in the making, The Last Dark purports to be a rich, satisfying finale for Stephen R.

And then it happened book series review

The Last Dark can only be read as the payoff to an investment. This may be why there seems to be relatively little fanfare surrounding this book.

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The series concerns Thomas Covenant, a successful writer in the real world who is abandoned by his wife and child after he contracts leprosy and becomes a figure of Shirley Jackson-like ostracism in his provincial small town. Time passes.

And then it happened book series review

Covenant lives a miserable, isolated existence, and survives his affliction by constantly checking and re-checking his body and extremities for the small, infection-prone wounds he cannot feel because of his leprosy. His life literally depends on obsessively protecting himself from harm.

And Then it Happened: Book Three

And he is, miraculously, healed of his leprosy. Covenant refuses to believe any of it is real. What happens next will probably determine whether you continue reading the book or attempt to kick a field goal with it.

Thomas Covenant discovers that along with his leprosy being cured, so has his leper-flaccid penis.

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Enraged at how the world has wronged him, and insisting that the Land is a dream or hallucination anyway, and therefore his actions have no moral significance, Covenant rapes Lena. As with the Flashman series, you are expected to continue sympathizing with the main character, but there is no denying or mitigating it: Thomas Covenant is a rapist.

Book Talk - And Then It Happened Series

The wild magic in his ring, you see, could save the Land or destroy it. Donaldson has a tendency toward over-writing, and is a natural bombast who could benefit from more pitiless editing.


In the last four books of the series, his worst tendencies seem to have been given free rein. Fatal Revenant , the eighth book, is at pages nearly as long as the first two books in the series put together.

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The Last Dark could stand to be half as long as it actually is. It is a flabby work, distended with even more navel-gazing and garment-rending than is usual for him.


But even in a work inflated by his worst tendencies, Donaldson builds toward a staggering resolution of love, endurance, and self-sacrifice that only he could have written. Donaldson is unquestionably a master of cinematic action and the steady build to an explosive end. He has a special talent for disastrous climaxes, and this book is no exception. It is a fitting end for a unique, complicated, great fantasy epic.

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Read this book. The Last Dark is available now from G. You can follow him on Twitter.

And then it happened book series review

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